Meet Lexy

Photo by Brittany, Edited by me

Photo by Brittany, Edited by me

Hey! I'm Lexy! I'm the lady behind the camera! I'm known for making awful jokes in the name of getting genuine smiles. I'm a wife, mama and self-proclaimed coffee fanatic. I married my husband, Mack, when I was 18. A little under two years later, we had my April Fool's baby Phinias (Finn for short).

I LOVE living in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Cedar Valley totally has my heart. Our dream is to live small & humble, and eventually build our own house right on the outskirts of town.

I started doing photography in Junior High with a couple of film cameras and loved developing my own film. Heading into junior high I started shooting with a beginner DSLR and what started as a hobby has graduated into a full-time career for me.

My favorite photos are the ones that are candid, where I get to catch intimate moments and genuine giggles. I'm probably not the photographer your grandma would hire (unless she's one of those super cool grandmas) and I'm totally okay with that. 

Friends and clients that have hired me have described me as awesome, patient and hilarious. If you like bad jokes, you'll love me!

Some things I like:

  • Photography
  • Breakfast food
  • Coffee
  • Dogs
  • My goofy family
  • Your face, probably
  • Did I already say coffee?

Wanna hire me? Contact me! Let's talk.

Life is short. Do the shoot.



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