The MBP Experience

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If you've read my about me page, you should know by now that I'm a total goof! I try not to take myself too seriously. My sessions have been described as "hanging out with a friend that just so happens to have a camera" and I really try to keep it that way! 

Here's a general session timeline to give you an idea of what to expect:

Step 1. You contact me to schedule your session! This is the easiest part. Head on over to my contact page and let me know what's up.

Step 2. We go over the process! This is where I listen to your needs and determine the kind of session that would be best for you. While for the most part my session fee is hourly, I want to know what you need the photos for, how many people you want, if you want more of a documentary session or more posed session, etc. Your specific photography needs are important to me! During your pre-session consult I also ask what kind of printing options you're interested in and we can discuss my print pricing in depth. Most of my clients like to start payments for their products before the shoot so that they have those beautiful photos as soon as possible! During our consult we'll also go over my payment & pre-payment plan options.

Step 3. I send you an invoice for the session fee and we get your session on my calendar! This is the easiest part. I utilize a program that does everything for me for the best client experience possible. You can view your documents that you've signed, invoices, questionnaires, etc.

Step 4. At this point we start planning your session. Where will it be? What will everyone wear? I'm here every step of the way to assist in this aspect! If you choose to take advantage of my client closet we'll do a pre-session meet-up to make sure everything looks good.


Step 5. We do your session! This is self-explanatory. Y'all do your thing and be cute and I capture those sweet, candid moments.

Step 6. After your session we meet for your in-person reveal and ordering session. I like to do these in the same week of the session because I honestly hate making people wait to see their photos! This can be at a coffee shop or on-location. A benefit to meeting at your location is that I can measure walls and help you plan a gallery wall if that's something you're thinking about! At our reveal you'll decide which photos you want and which prints you want. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 


Step 7. Within 3-4 weeks your prints arrive! For large orders I hand deliver them (unless you require shipping) and for small orders they can be picked up locally.

Step 8. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful photos. It really is that easy!